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  • 執筆者の写真やぶくみこ Kumiko YABU

<Online Project> In Own Space

Hideki Izumi (泉秀樹)

Date: 5 AUG 2020

Space: Japanese room/My house/Kamakura/Japan


Music by: Kumiko Yabu (やぶくみこ)

IN OWN SPACE is a 150-Second-Solo-Performance video from an artist’s private space.

By taking a message or inspiration from the previous artist in a different country, each artist will be working on the difference in cultures and styles.

タイ、韓国、日本のアーティストがそれぞれの空間の3分間の作品をリレーする” In Own Space” というプロジェクトに参加しています。国際交流基金サポートのプロジェクトです。 このたびは同級生の泉秀樹さんとコラボ。グンデルと箏の3分間にしました。 This is a piece for “In Own Space” project beyond Thailand, S Korea and Japan. Each Artists create 150 seconds video piece and each pieces are connecting. I collaborated with Hideki Izumi who was my classmate when we are in Uni. He based Japanese traditional dance. And I composed/played with gamelan gender and Koto. a Hope you enjoy !


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